Apple to Ship Vision Pro This Week, Analyst Reports

Trusted Apple analyst reports claim that Apple is shipping initial MR/VR headsets to retail stores, ready for release


Apple Preps Retail Stores for Vision Pro Debut

Apple started official training and onboarding sessions for retail store workers last month. The training saw Apple experts flying out to stores from its headquarters with Vision Pro devices to train workers in each of Apple’s US stores.

Apple reportedly plans to train its retail employees in mid-January 2024 to assist individual customers with setting up their headsets, ensuring a smooth introduction to the device.

Many first-time XR users struggle with the set-up and onboarding process, resulting in motion sickness and other difficulties. By actively educating its employees on the headset, Apple could provide XR education that helps potential buyers adopt the hardware.

In-store Apple employees will assist customers with setting up the device and provide a hands-on experience with the company’s unique spatial computing outlook, also helping customers learn about the productivity benefits of MR headsets.

Apple’s in-store retail workers are known for their expertise in its product range, including iPhones and Macs. Now, Apple is providing specific training to prepare retail workers for the launch of Vision Pro’s new spatial computing framework to fit a pre-existing customer experience standard.

When will the Vision Pro Debut?

Apple is gearing up to launch the Vision Pro in March 2024, with an expected retail price of $3,499, which may seem steep compared to other consumer-grade headsets. However, Apple is promoting massively competitive features for productivity and workplace use case considerations. Moreover, Apple is reportedly already developing a more affordable option.

The upcoming Vision Pro headset is set to feature two Micro OLED 4K displays with a resolution of 3800 x 3000 per eye, a ring of LED lights to enhance eye-tracking performance, and hand-tracking sensors for a controller-free experience.

Powered by a proprietary software stack and Apple silicon architecture, the Vision Pro will also offer custom optical inserts developed in partnership with Zeiss, designed for users who require prescription glasses. These inserts will become available during the official release of the Vision Pro next year.