Apple's Vision Pro Preorders: Impressive Sales Numbers and Limited Availability

Learn about the impressive sales numbers of Apple's Vision Pro preorders and the limited availability of the product at launch.


Impressive Sales Numbers for Vision Pro Preorders

According to a source with knowledge of Apple's sales numbers, the company has already sold 'upwards of 200,000' Vision Pro preorders. This is a significant achievement for Apple and highlights the strong demand for their latest product.

MacRumors, known for accurately reporting upcoming features and specifications of Apple products, has confirmed the credibility of these sales numbers. Their reliable sources suggest that they have some insider information or close contacts within Apple.

If these sales numbers are accurate, Apple would have generated over $700 million in revenue from Vision Pro preorders. This surpasses the average quarterly revenue of Meta's Reality Labs AR/VR division and is similar to what Meta makes during the holiday season.

Limited Availability of Vision Pro at Launch

A prominent supply chain analyst reveals that Apple will have approximately 70,000 Vision Pro headsets available at launch. This limited supply is likely to create a high demand and could result in longer waiting periods for customers.

Another reliable source, Ming-Chi Kuo, who has been tracking Apple's supply chain for over 10 years, estimates that Apple has received between 160,000 to 180,000 Vision Pro preorders. Kuo's estimate is based on his previous report that Apple would have 60,000 to 80,000 units produced by the launch date of February 2.

Delivery estimates for Vision Pro preorders have already been pushed out to March, indicating the strong demand for the product. While some lucky customers may receive earlier delivery slots due to cancellations or payment issues, it is expected that the demand will exceed the supply for the first month and potentially even longer.

Production Challenges and Future Prospects

Apple's Vision Pro relies on near-4K OLED microdisplays from Sony, which has limited production capacity. Reports suggest that Sony can manufacture a maximum of one million microdisplays per year, which means that Apple may only produce less than half a million Vision Pro headsets this year.

To address this limitation, Apple is reportedly in talks with other OLED microdisplay suppliers to expand production capacity and reduce costs for future Vision headsets. However, for the first-generation Vision Pro, supply will remain constrained. This could result in significant backlog if demand continues to be strong after the initial surge.

For customers who are eager to try out Vision Pro before making a purchase, Apple will offer in-store demos starting from the launch day on Friday. This allows potential buyers to experience the product firsthand and make an informed decision.