Apple's Next-Gen Vision Pro Headset Could Have One Major Display Upgrade

Rumors suggest that Apple's second-generation Vision Pro headset will feature improved displays.


Improved Micro-OLED Displays

According to market research firm Omdia, Apple is rumored to be using improved micro-OLED displays in its next-gen Vision Pro headset.

These displays, specifically RGB OLEDoS, are expected to be brighter and more efficient than the current WOLED displays with a color filter used in the soon-to-be-released Vision Pro.

The improved brightness and efficiency could address one of the potential drawbacks of the Vision Pro, which is its reliance on tethering to a power source.

Waiting for the Next-Gen Model

While we anticipate the release of the first Vision Pro headset in February, industry insiders predict that the next-gen model won't arrive until 2025 or possibly the first half of 2027.

Considering the upgrades in displays, it's likely that the price of the Vision Pro 2 will be higher than the current $3,500, so it might be a good idea to start saving now.