Apple Plans to Launch Vision Pro Mixed-Reality Headset by February

Apple is reportedly preparing to launch its Vision Pro mixed-reality headset by February. The company has been increasing production of the headset at its facilities in China, with the aim of having units ready for customers by the end of January and on the shelves in February, Bloomberg reported Wednesday (Dec. 20). The Vision Pro headset represents Apple’s foray into a new product category since it introduced smartwatches in 2015, according to the report.


Apple's Entry into Mixed-Reality Market

Apple is gearing up to release its Vision Pro mixed-reality headset, which represents the company's venture into a new product category since the introduction of smartwatches in 2015. According to Bloomberg, Apple plans to have units of the headset ready for customers by the end of January and available for purchase in February. This move is significant for Apple as it enters the mixed-reality market, which combines virtual and augmented reality. While Meta Platforms currently dominates the market, Apple aims to make a strong first impression with its offering.

The rollout of the Vision Pro is expected to be Apple's most complex product launch to date, requiring new sales strategies and equipment. The headset features customized components that must be correctly assembled and packaged at the point of sale. Ensuring a proper fit is crucial, as an ill-fitting headset may not display content properly and could be uncomfortable for the user.

Preparing Retail Stores for the Vision Pro

To prepare for the launch of the Vision Pro, Apple has been enhancing its retail stores to accommodate the headset and its accessories. The various sizes and configurations of the Vision Pro will require additional storage space, and new demonstration areas will be set up for customers to try on the headset.

Apple is taking proactive measures to train its retail employees on how to effectively market and sell the Vision Pro. At least two staff members from each retail outlet will attend training sessions at Apple's headquarters, where they will learn about the headset's features and proper fitting techniques.

Encouraging Customers to Embrace Mixed Reality

Apple is focused on encouraging customers to take a fresh look at the technology with the release of the Vision Pro. While the launch may be less extravagant compared to previous Apple product launches, the company aims to make a strong impact and position itself as a major player in the mixed-reality market.

In June, Apple announced its venture into the mixed-reality world with the unveiling of the Vision Pro. CEO Tim Cook described the headset as "the first device you look through and not at." The company plans to offer in-store demonstrations of the headset, providing customers with a different process than the usual "grab and go."