Antisemitism Exposed: China's Tightly Controlled Internet Flooded with Hatred

Antisemitism is on the rise in China, with state-controlled media and online platforms promoting harmful stereotypes and hatred towards Jews.


Antisemitic Rise in China

China has seen a significant increase in antisemitism following the massacre carried out by Hamas against Israelis. Antisemitic tropes, claiming that Jews control the United States, its wealth, media, and government, have become more prevalent in state-controlled media and online discourse in China.

These false narratives degrade trust in the United States, its democratic institutions, and democracy worldwide. The growth of antisemitism in China has worsened since the Hamas massacres and the subsequent war in Gaza.

Concerns about Chinese antisemitism have led to calls for action, as these harmful narratives continue to spread online and fuel hatred.

Israel Omitted from Online Maps in China

The majority of antisemitic sentiment in China is expressed online. Chinese netizens have openly mocked the parents of Noa Argamani, an Israeli-born captive, and have compared Israel's actions in Gaza to the Holocaust, portraying Israel as the Nazis.

Chinese social media platforms, including Bilibili and TikTok, are filled with pro-Hitler videos, memes, and antisemitic content. There have also been instances where popular movies related to the Holocaust, such as 'Schindler's List,' have been given negative ratings and derogatory comments in China.

Additionally, search giants Alibaba and Baidu temporarily removed Israel from their map apps during the Gaza war. This act, not likely a tech glitch, was seen as a gesture to please pro-Hamas Chinese netizens.

Antisemitism and Anti-Americanism

Antisemitism in China is often intertwined with anti-American sentiments. Some believe that Jews possess extensive influence over American politics, media, academia, banking, and finance, which consequently means control over America as a whole.

Attacking Jews becomes an avenue to criticize America and its perceived influence on global affairs. While the Chinese government has not directly promoted antisemitic hate speech, it has failed to take action against antisemitic content on social media platforms.

Prominent individuals in the Jewish community have reported experiencing antisemitic vitriol on Chinese social media platforms, ranging from stereotypes to extreme comments advocating violence.