Anthony Kim prepares for return to golf at LIV event in Saudi Arabia

Anthony Kim was spotted practicing ahead of the LIV Golf event in Saudi Arabia, marking his return to high-level competition since leaving the PGA Tour in 2012.


Anthony Kim's return to competition

LIV Golf has been relatively quiet about Anthony Kim's comeback to the sport, but some social media footage has revealed his preparations for the upcoming tournament.

Filmed at the Royal Greens Golf & Country Club in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, the video shows Kim hitting range balls in anticipation of his first significant tournament since his departure from the PGA Tour.

Sporting a baggy T-shirt, shorts, Vans, and a LIV Golf hat, Kim is ready to compete again after recovering from an Achilles injury in 2012.

Curiosity surrounds Kim's return

Anthony Kim's expected return to golf has generated significant curiosity among fans and analysts alike.

After almost a decade away from the sport, many are intrigued to see how he performs in his comeback and whether he can regain his previous form.

Kim's return to the LIV event in Saudi Arabia marks a significant milestone in his golfing career and has created a buzz within the golfing community.

Updates on Kim's progress

As LIV Golf continues, fans and followers eagerly await updates on Anthony Kim's performance and progress throughout the tournament.

His return to competitive golf after such a long hiatus has drawn attention, and observers are keen to see if he can compete at the same level as before.

Kim's journey back into the world of professional golf is a compelling story that is sure to captivate fans as the tournament unfolds.