Animal shelter blasts pet owners as it struggles with callers asking to abandon dogs: ‘Be better’

An Ohio humane society puts pet owners on blast as it deals with a high number of callers wanting to abandon their dogs at the shelter.


Humane society urges pet owners to be responsible

The Fulton County Humane Society in Ohio recently made a viral Facebook post criticizing pet owners for wanting to abandon their dogs at the shelter. The shelter has been overwhelmed with the number of pet owners who no longer want their dogs due to reasons like not having time, destructive behavior, or not being allowed to have pets in their new homes. The post urges pet owners to take responsibility for their pets and be better humans to their four-legged friends.

The humane society expressed frustration with the high number of messages they receive each week from people wanting to surrender their dogs for various reasons. They emphasize that the dogs people chose to get are not the shelter's problem. The shelter believes it needs to focus its efforts on helping pets in more dire situations, such as when the owner dies or becomes sick, suffers a house fire, or moves into a long-term care facility.

Humane society emphasizes commitment and responsibility

The Fulton County Humane Society emphasizes that owning a dog is a lifelong commitment and urges potential pet owners to think twice before getting a dog. They explain that if someone knows they will not have time for a dog in the future or if their living situation does not allow for pets, it is better not to get a dog at all. The shelter also highlights the financial responsibilities of owning a dog, including the potential need for a trainer. They want pet owners to be prepared for the time, money, and patience it takes to properly care for a dog.

The shelter volunteer behind the Facebook post, Sarah Klopfenstein, expressed that the message was long overdue. She shared that many pet owners share stories about their dogs' behavior issues or the inconvenience of having a dog, without trying other options like contacting a vet or a trainer. The post has gained significant traction on social media, with many users supporting the shelter's message.

Public response and concerns

The Facebook post by the Fulton County Humane Society has received almost 1,000 shares and garnered positive feedback from the public. Many users agree with the shelter's stance on responsible pet ownership and express their support for the message. However, some users expressed concerns that the strong wording of the post might lead people to abandon their dogs on the side of the road instead of seeking a shelter. The shelter responded by stating that sometimes it is necessary to hold people responsible and be direct in order to address the issue of pet abandonment.

The shelter director, Stephanie Moore, stated that the situation is dire, with the humane society receiving numerous phone calls from people looking to abandon their dogs for poor reasons. The shelter hopes that the Facebook post will raise awareness about the importance of responsible pet ownership and discourage people from giving up their dogs without considering all options.