Angel Cabrera cleared to return to PGA Tour after prison

Two-time major champion Angel Cabrera has been cleared to play in PGA Tour-sanctioned events after being released from prison.


Cabrera Eligible to Play

Angel Cabrera, who won the U.S. Open and the Masters, has been cleared to play in PGA Tour-sanctioned events. Although the PGA Tour does not publicize conduct violations, a tour spokesperson confirmed that Cabrera is eligible to play. This comes after he was released on parole from an Argentine prison for gender violence.

Cabrera was imprisoned for two years for assaulting, threatening, and harassing his former partners. In a recent interview, Cabrera expressed remorse for his behavior and acknowledged his mistakes. He also revealed that he is undergoing treatment for alcohol addiction and is working towards completing his education.

Cabrera's return to competitive golf has been met with mixed reactions. While some believe in second chances and hope to see him redeem himself on the golf course, others are critical of the PGA Tour's decision to allow him to compete. The question remains whether Cabrera will be invited to prestigious tournaments like the Masters, where champions receive a lifetime exemption.

Cabrera's Redemption Journey

According to Golf Digest, Cabrera is taking steps towards redemption and rehabilitation. He is actively undergoing alcohol addiction treatment and is required to attend weekly alcohol education courses. Additionally, he is working towards completing his education and has two months left to graduate the sixth grade.

Cabrera's return to competitive golf has been supported by his longtime coach, Charlie Epps. Epps even arranged for Cabrera to receive a new set of golf clubs from Ping. Cabrera recently played in a tournament in Argentina and tied for 10th place. It appears that golf is helping him find a sense of purpose and stability after his release from prison.

However, the road to redemption for Cabrera is not without its obstacles. Augusta National, the venue for the Masters, has not yet announced whether he will receive an invitation to the tournament. Cabrera's past actions and criminal history may impact their decision. Nevertheless, Cabrera remains hopeful and states that golf is his life and he must continue.

Controversy and Mixed Reactions

Cabrera's return to the PGA Tour has sparked controversy and generated mixed reactions. Some argue that rehabilitation and second chances are important, and Cabrera should be allowed to compete if he has served his sentence and shows remorse.

On the other hand, critics argue that the PGA Tour should have stricter guidelines and not allow individuals with violent or criminal backgrounds to participate. They believe that Cabrera's actions should have consequences that extend beyond his time in prison.

The decision to allow Cabrera to play in PGA Tour-sanctioned events raises questions about the responsibility of sports organizations in addressing misconduct and ensuring the safety and integrity of the game. This case highlights the ongoing conversation about how the golfing world handles such situations and whether the appropriate measures are being taken to protect players and uphold the values of the sport.