Amy Schumer Diagnosed with Cushing Syndrome After Criticism on Her Appearance

Amy Schumer reveals her diagnosis of Cushing syndrome after facing criticism on her physical appearance.


Amy Schumer's Health Revelation

Amy Schumer recently made headlines when people began commenting on her appearance while promoting her show 'Life & Beth.' She acknowledged that her face looked 'puffier than normal' and has now disclosed that she has been diagnosed with Cushing syndrome. This medical condition arises when the body produces an excess amount of cortisol.

Schumer specifically has exogenous Cushing syndrome, which is caused by the prolonged use of synthetic steroids. She has been taking these steroids to treat her endometriosis, a condition she also suffers from.

Amy Schumer's Journey and Advocacy

During an interview with Jessica Yellin for her 'News Not Noise' newsletter, Schumer shared the impact of her health issues on her life. She mentioned undergoing hours of MRI scans and the fear of not being there to witness her son growing up. However, she received the news that her type of Cushing syndrome would resolve itself and that she was healthy.

In addition to her health concerns, Schumer has also had to deal with critical comments regarding her appearance. However, she expressed gratitude for those comments as they made her aware of the underlying health issue. She hopes to raise awareness and advocate for women's health, particularly issues like endometriosis and hyperemesis gravidarum.

Using Her Privilege for Advocacy

Schumer acknowledged her privilege in having access to resources for her health and expressed gratitude for it. She aims to utilize her platform to continue fighting for women's rights and access to proper healthcare. She emphasizes the importance of kindness towards one another and the understanding that everyone is facing their own struggles.

In conclusion, Schumer's journey with Cushing syndrome serves as a reminder that we may never truly know what someone is going through. She encourages empathy and kindness, while also advocating for women to prioritize their own health and well-being.