American Airlines Announces Layoff of 656 Employees to Enhance Customer Service

American Airlines is implementing layoffs in order to reorganize and improve its customer service team, aiming to provide better support to customers with complex travel needs.


Changes to Contact Center Organization

American Airlines has announced updates to its contact center organization in an effort to enhance customer service. The airline is creating a new Customer Success team that will be devoted to providing convenient and elevated support to customers with complex travel requirements. This move reflects the company's commitment to better serving its passengers and addressing their most challenging needs.

The airline has not yet responded to a comment request from USA TODAY regarding the layoffs.

The layoff plan will result in an 8.2% reduction in customer service-related positions, amounting to a total of 656 employees. Bloomberg reports that the affected employees, who are not unionized, include 335 individuals in Phoenix and 321 individuals in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. These employees currently assist passengers with lost luggage and services related to the AAdvantage loyalty program.

Improved Customer Experience

Carolyne Truelove, Vice President of Reservations and Service Recovery at American Airlines, expressed the company's commitment to improving the customer experience. Truelove stated that the company is actively addressing customer pain points and striving to provide an exceptional level of service.

Currently, American Airlines customers must engage with different customer service teams for various issues. However, the airline plans to consolidate these separate teams into one, enabling passengers to receive comprehensive support. This streamlined approach will particularly assist passengers facing flight disruptions caused by factors like inclement weather.

Additionally, less complex issues will be outsourced to international contact centers that operate 24/7, allowing for more efficient resolution and customer support.

Transition Plan and Opportunities

Affected employees will continue working in their positions until March 30 before the layoffs take effect. They will have the opportunity to apply for one of the 135 positions available in the new Customer Success team or one of the other 800 open American Airlines jobs. The airline is also providing severance packages and job placement support for those not rehired.

By implementing these changes, American Airlines aims to decrease call volume through improved first-contact resolution and provide a more streamlined and efficient customer experience.

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