Amazon Introduces Q, an A.I. Chatbot for Companies

Amazon has announced its own artificial intelligence assistant called Amazon Q, which is designed to assist employees in workplaces.


Amazon Q: The Workplace Chatbot

Amazon has entered the chatbot race with the announcement of its new artificial intelligence assistant, Amazon Q. Unlike other chatbots, Amazon Q is specifically focused on helping employees with daily tasks in workplaces and is not intended for consumer use. The chatbot aims to assist employees with tasks such as summarizing strategy documents, filling out internal support tickets, and providing answers to questions about company policy.

Competing with other corporate chatbots like Google's Duet AI, ChatGPT Enterprise, and Microsoft's Copilots, Amazon Q has the potential to become a work companion for millions of people, according to Adam Selipsky, CEO of Amazon Web Services.

Addressing Security and Privacy Concerns

To address the security and privacy concerns raised by companies, Amazon has made sure that Amazon Q is more secure and private than a consumer chatbot. It offers the same security permissions that business customers have already set up for their users. For example, if an employee doesn't have access to sensitive financial forecasts, Amazon Q will not provide that employee with such data when asked. Additionally, companies can give Amazon Q permission to work with their corporate data that isn't stored on Amazon's servers, like Slack and Gmail.

By implementing these measures, Amazon aims to regain its position in the AI competition and provide a trustworthy chatbot solution for workplaces.

The Technical Details and Pricing

Unlike other chatbots, Amazon Q is not built on a specific AI model. It utilizes an Amazon platform called Bedrock, which connects multiple AI systems together, including Amazon's Titan, as well as systems developed by Anthropic and Meta. The name 'Q' is a play on the word 'question' and references the character Q from James Bond novels and a powerful 'Star Trek' figure.

Pricing for Amazon Q starts at $20 per user each month, offering a competitive option compared to enterprise chatbots by Microsoft and Google, which charge $30 per user each month for similar functionalities.