All passengers, crew escape fireball on Japan Airlines plane after airport collision

All 379 passengers and crew on a Japan Airlines plane miraculously escaped a fire following a collision with a Coast Guard aircraft at Tokyo's Haneda airport. Five of the six crew members on the Coast Guard plane were killed. The collision occurred as the Coast Guard plane was heading to Niigata airport to deliver aid to those affected by a recent earthquake.


Passengers and crew escape fireball

A Japan Airlines plane carrying 379 passengers and crew members narrowly avoided disaster after a collision with a Coast Guard aircraft at Tokyo's Haneda airport. Miraculously, all individuals on board managed to escape from the fire. Unfortunately, five out of the six crew members on the Coast Guard plane lost their lives. The collision occurred as the Coast Guard aircraft was en route to Niigata airport to provide aid to those affected by a powerful earthquake that struck on New Year's Day, resulting in numerous casualties.

According to a passenger on the Japan Airlines flight, there was a sudden impact upon landing, followed by a jerk upward. The window showed sparks and the cabin filled with gas and smoke. Despite the terrifying situation, the evacuation process was successful and all 367 passengers and 12 crew members were able to leave the aircraft safely. However, the Coast Guard plane was engulfed in flames despite rescue efforts.

Cause of the collision and praise for the evacuation efforts

Reports have indicated that the collision occurred on the runway when the Japan Airlines plane was attempting to land normally. There were no prior indications of any issues with the aircraft's engines or systems. The exact cause of the collision is still under investigation by the relevant authorities.

Aviation experts have praised the evacuation process carried out by the cabin crew of the Japan Airlines flight. Passengers were seen calmly exiting the aircraft using escape slides, leaving behind their carry-on luggage. This quick and efficient evacuation played a crucial role in ensuring the safety of all individuals on board. Experts have emphasized the importance of leaving personal belongings behind during emergency evacuations to prevent delays and further endangerment.

Reopening of runways and ongoing investigation

In the aftermath of the incident, Haneda airport was temporarily closed for several hours. However, three runways have since resumed operations. Japan's Transport Minister Tetsuo Saito has stated that the exact cause of the collision remains unclear, and investigative bodies including the Japan Transport Safety Board and the police will continue their efforts to determine the circumstances that led to the accident.

Prime Minister Fumio Kishida has expressed his condolences for the victims of the Coast Guard plane and has reassured the public that the accident will not impact the delivery of relief supplies to the earthquake-stricken areas. The government will work diligently to prevent any disruptions in the aid operations.