Alibaba Shuts Quantum Computing Lab as Part of Restructuring

Chinese tech giant Alibaba has closed down its quantum computing laboratory and team, donating the lab and equipment to Zhejiang University.


Alibaba Donates Quantum Computing Lab to Zhejiang University

Alibaba Group has decided to cut its quantum computing laboratory and team as part of a restructuring effort. The company has donated the lab and related experimental equipment to Zhejiang University. The decision comes as Alibaba's in-house research initiative, DAMO Academy, continues to focus on technology research, particularly in the field of artificial intelligence (AI).

While the lab closure affects 30 employees, it represents a small part of Alibaba's overall research and development (R&D) team. Zhejiang University plans to recruit the affected employees to work on its own quantum research. DAMO Academy, which was launched in 2017, focuses on advanced technologies such as AI and machine learning.

Internal Changes at Alibaba

The closure of the quantum computing lab is the latest internal change at Alibaba. Earlier this year, Alibaba announced plans to split its business into six units and spin off its cloud division. However, this spin-off was later scrapped, and the new CEO, Eddie Wu, stated that each business unit would operate more independently.

Alibaba will also conduct strategic reviews to distinguish between 'core' and 'non-core' businesses. These changes reflect Alibaba's efforts to adapt and thrive in the rapidly evolving technology landscape.

About DAMO Academy

DAMO Academy was established by Alibaba Group in 2017 as a dedicated research initiative. Its primary focus is on exploring and advancing cutting-edge technologies. The academy's research areas include AI, machine learning, quantum computing, and more.

By shutting down the quantum computing lab, Alibaba is reallocating its resources to other technology research areas that align with its long-term goals. This move showcases Alibaba's commitment to remaining at the forefront of technological innovation.