Airlines Embrace the Taylor Swift Era with Super Bowl Flights

Airlines are preparing for the Super Bowl by offering extra flights between Vegas and the teams' cities. What's unique this year is the creative flight numbers that reference Taylor Swift and the players involved in the game.


Creative Flight Numbers

Airlines are adding new nonstop flights between Kansas City and Vegas, as well as San Francisco and Vegas, in preparation for the Super Bowl. The flight numbers assigned to these routes have clever references to both Taylor Swift and the players involved in the game.

For example, American Airlines is using flight number AA15 as an ode to Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes, who wears jersey number 15. There are also flight numbers that reference Taylor Swift's hit album, such as AA1989. United Airlines is following suit with flight numbers like UA1587 and UA2287, which nod to Mahomes and Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce.

These creative flight numbers add an extra element of excitement for fans traveling to the Super Bowl, as they celebrate the connection between football, music, and pop culture.

Additional Flights

American Airlines is adding a total of seven new nonstop flights between Kansas City International Airport (MCI) and Vegas between Feb. 8 and 13. These flights include new routes on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday leading up to the game, as well as extra return flights to Kansas City after the game.

United Airlines is also increasing capacity with new routes between Vegas and both Kansas City and San Francisco International Airport. These additional flights provide more options for fans traveling to the Super Bowl.

With airlines adding more flights and unique flight numbers, fans attending the Super Bowl can expect a smooth and entertaining travel experience.

Planning for the Super Bowl

If you're considering traveling to the Super Bowl, it's important to make your arrangements as soon as possible. Airfare, hotels, and game tickets are in high demand, and prices are likely to increase as the event approaches.

According to booking app Hopper, average airfare for the Super Bowl is expected to peak at around $500 round trip. However, depending on the route, prices could be higher. It's also important to be aware of the flight schedules and choose your flights accordingly.

By planning ahead and securing your travel arrangements, you can ensure a seamless and enjoyable experience at the Super Bowl.