Aaron Rodgers addresses criticism of his activation from injured reserve

New York Jets quarterback Aaron Rodgers responds to criticism of him being activated from injured reserve despite not playing.


Rodgers explains the activation decision

Aaron Rodgers appeared on 'The Pat McAfee Show' to address the criticism he has faced for being activated from injured reserve despite not playing. Rodgers revealed that it was not his idea to be activated and that he would have been content to finish the season on IR. The Jets organization wanted him on the 53-man roster to continue practicing with the team as he recovered from his surgically repaired Achilles.

Rodgers expressed his concerns about taking up someone's roster spot and the conversation revolved around whether he wanted to practice. He stated that he did not feel the need to practice for his rehab and could continue doing on-the-field activities on the side. Despite his reservations, he was overruled and ultimately activated from IR.

The Jets had to release another player, veteran fullback Nick Bawden, to make room for Rodgers on the roster. Bawden later returned to the team on the practice squad. Rodgers called Bawden to explain that the decision was not his and expressed his gratitude for Bawden's understanding.

Criticism and conspiracy theories

Rodgers suggested that certain people have created 'conspiracies' and pushed a 'tired narrative' because they disagree with his stance on the COVID-19 vaccine. He believes that these individuals are still upset because he did not conform to their expectations and decisions regarding his health.

While not naming names, Rodgers believes that his activation from IR has been used as another opportunity for critics to attack him. He remains focused on his recovery and is determined to prove himself on the field.

Coach Robert Saleh confirmed Rodgers' comments and stated that he and general manager Joe Douglas made the decision to activate the quarterback. Saleh emphasized that the Jets had roster flexibility and the ability to activate Rodgers, despite his concerns about taking up a roster spot.

Rodgers' impact on the practice field

Coach Saleh acknowledged the benefits of having Rodgers on the practice field. He mentioned that Rodgers ran the scout-team offense in an 11-on-11 period, showcasing his skills and providing valuable experience for the team's defense. Despite only practicing one or two days a week, Rodgers continues to contribute to the team's preparation and growth.

In the upcoming game against the Cleveland Browns, Trevor Siemian will start again as quarterback for the Jets, as Zach Wilson remains sidelined due to a concussion. Siemian performed well in the previous game, passing for 217 yards, one touchdown, and one interception in the Jets' victory over the Washington Commanders.

The Jets' decision to activate Rodgers from IR has sparked discussion and criticism, but both Rodgers and the team are focused on their upcoming games and achieving success on the field.