A Year in Photos: Beacon Journal Photographers Share Their Favorite Shots from 2023

Take a look at some of the most captivating and powerful photographs taken by Beacon Journal photographers throughout 2023.


Powerful Portraits

Words can tell a compelling story, but a picture is worth...well, you know the saying. All year long, Beacon Journal photographers have trekked the county and braved the elements to capture the stories of people in Akron and surrounding communities through their lenses. Here are some of their favorite photos from 2023.

I chose this portrait of Tamia Woods as one of my favorite photos of 2023 because it is a powerful image of a loving mother. The emotion captured in her face and the way she holds her child speaks volumes. It's a reminder of the strength and love that exists in our community.

John Daly takes a drag from a cigarette after scoring a bogey on hole No. 4 during the second round of the 2023 Kaulig Companies golf tournament. The photo captures his frustration and disappointment in a single frame. It's a candid moment that showcases the ups and downs of professional sports.

Capturing Sports Moments

Sports photography is all about capturing those split-second moments of triumph and defeat. The Beacon Journal photographers didn't miss a beat when it came to documenting some of the most exciting sports moments in Akron. Check out these action-packed shots from 2023.

Tallmadge right fielder Leila Staszak hangs onto a ball hit by Canfield batter Faith Morell as she collides with second baseman Emma Garbinsky. This photo perfectly captures the intensity and determination of both players, frozen in time as they collide.

Chris Butler of The Waitresses, pictured through a drum, recreated the Slingerland drum kit he had as a kid in the 1960s. The photo is a nostalgic tribute to his musical roots and showcases his passion for music. It's a reminder that creativity knows no bounds.

Community Stories

Photography has the power to tell the stories of not just individuals, but entire communities. The Beacon Journal photographers were there to document the moments that brought us together and celebrated our shared experiences. Take a look at some of these community-focused photographs from 2023.

From left, Deanna Miller, Julie Caruso, Maria Duvuvuei, then-Akron mayor candidate Shammas Malik, and Arell Tee react to the returns in the strategy room at election night. This photo encapsulates the range of emotions that come with political involvement. It's a reminder of the democratic process and the power of civic engagement.

Holly Klein, executive director and co-founder of Grace House Hospice, adjusts the window shade for resident Nick DiGennaro. The photo captures a moment of care and compassion, highlighting the important work done by organizations like Grace House Hospice. It's a tribute to the resilience and strength of individuals facing difficult times.