A New Chapter for Mozilla: Focused Execution and an Expanded Role in Charting the Internet’s Future

Mozilla announces significant changes in leadership and outlines its vision for the future.


Transition in Leadership

After careful consideration, Mitchell Baker, CEO of Mozilla Corporation, will be transitioning back to the position of Mozilla Corporation Executive Chairwoman. This decision is driven by the need to streamline focus and leadership for the challenges ahead. This transition will allow Baker to oversee Mozilla's broader mission while dedicating full-time leadership to the Mozilla business.

Laura Chambers, a dynamic board member, will be stepping into the role of CEO for the remainder of the year. Chambers brings extensive experience, having been an active and impactful member of the Mozilla board for three years. With a background in leading product organizations at prominent companies like Airbnb, PayPal, eBay, and Willow Innovations, Chambers is well-prepared to guide Mozilla through this transitional period. Baker will continue to provide advice and engage in areas related to Mozilla's history and unique characteristics in her new role as Executive Chairwoman.

Goals for Mozilla Corporation

As Laura Chambers takes on the role of CEO, the focus of Mozilla Corporation will be twofold:

1. Vision and Strategy for the Future: Chambers aims to refine the company's vision and align corporate and product strategies behind it. This will be grounded in Mozilla's mission and strengths, shaped by its perspective on the future of technology and its role in it.

2. Outstanding Execution: Chambers plans to concentrate on the core products, such as Firefox, while expanding capabilities and innovation to introduce new compelling products to the market.

Expanded Role for Mitchell Baker

In addition to the leadership transition, Mitchell Baker will be expanding her work in two critical areas:

1. Public Representation: Baker will focus on representing Mozilla in the public sphere, particularly in areas of policy, open source, and community. She will engage through speaking engagements and direct interaction with the community.

2. Unified Entity Representation: Baker aims to represent Mozilla as a unified entity, highlighting the collective effort and collaboration among its various entities. This effort will help advance Mozilla's policy and community goals with greater urgency and speed.

Mozilla recognizes the need for a better future in the face of diminishing public trust and the battle for ownership of AI. Baker is excited about Laura Chambers' involvement and believes this is an opportunity for Mozilla to achieve more. With the collective effort of people contributing to something better, Mozilla aims to meet the needs of this era more effectively.