A Hermès Heir Plans to Leave Half His Fortune to Former Gardener and Handyman

Nicolas Puech, a descendent of Hermès' founder, is reportedly considering adopting his former gardener and leaving him half of his $11.7 billion fortune.


Nicolas Puech's Plan to Leave Half His Fortune

Nicolas Puech, a descendent of Thierry Hermès who founded the luxury French fashion house in 1837, is planning to leave half of his $11.7 billion fortune to his former gardener and handyman, according to the Swiss publication Tribune de Genève. Puech, who is single and childless, wants to adopt his former gardener as part of his plan to distribute his wealth.

Puech is currently the world's 161st-richest person, according to Forbes. He owns 5.7% of Hermès' capital, making him its largest individual shareholder.

The man who could inherit half of Puech's fortune has worked for him for years, serving as his gardener, handyman, and residency manager. Although the man's identity hasn't been disclosed, he is reported to be 51 years old and originally from Morocco.

The Relationship and Financial Support

The man who may become a major beneficiary of Puech's fortune got married and had two children. According to the Tribune de Genève, Puech considered them as his own family, referring to them as his 'children' and 'adopted son.' In 2015, Puech gave the couple over €1.5 million ($1.6 million) to purchase a villa in Marrakech. The couple also acquired various estates and around 50 pieces of agricultural land in Spain and Portugal, along with a villa in Montreux, Switzerland valued at over $4.5 million.

Puech has taken legal steps to adopt the man and is currently awaiting a decision from the authorities. If successful, the adopted son could inherit at least half of Puech's fortune.

Initially, Puech had planned to pass on his money to the foundation he established in 2011 after his death. The Isocrates Foundation supports investigative public-interest journalism and Puech serves as its president.

Hermès' Success and Financials

Hermès, the luxury fashion house, reported impressive financial figures in 2022. With revenues of €11.6 billion ($12.7 billion) and a net profit of €3.4 billion ($3.7 billion), the company continues to thrive in the retail industry.

As the story of Nicolas Puech's plans unfolds, it brings attention to the unique relationship between a wealthy individual and a dedicated employee, showcasing the impact it can have on inheritance and wealth distribution.