A 92-Year-Old Man Becomes the Oldest Person to Cross the Grand Canyon: His Diet and Exercise Tips

Alfredo Aliaga Burdio, 92, has become the oldest man to cross the Grand Canyon rim-to-rim on foot. He shares his diet and exercise routine that helped him achieve this feat.


Burdio's Healthy Lifestyle Journey

Alfredo Aliaga Burdio, 92, is now the Guinness World Record holder for the oldest man to cross the Grand Canyon rim-to-rim on foot.

Burdio and his daughter, Anabel Aliaga-Buchenau, told Business Insider that his feat was partly possible because when he was in his 70s, he changed his habits to become healthier.

During his trek in October, Burdio and his daughter recalled how fellow hikers who'd heard whispers of his goal and admired his tenacity stopped them for selfies. The attention slowed Burdio's group, but they found the support motivating.

Exploring the World and Overcoming Challenges

Anabel said her parents shared a love for natural wonders and explored the world after retiring. During that time, the pair biked 1,800 miles from Finland to Germany, visited the Mount Everest base camp in Nepal seven times, and spent a year traveling across US national parks. Burdio's wife died in 2006.

It was around this time, nearly two decades ago, that Burdio consciously made a change. He began pursuing a healthier lifestyle in his 70s after witnessing the physical and mental toll of caring for his sick wife.

Now, Burdio has no diagnosis or illnesses and no need for medications. He considers himself healthy.

Burdio's Three Daily Habits for a Healthy Lifestyle

Burdio follows three daily habits to maintain his healthy lifestyle. Firstly, he emphasizes the importance of eating well and staying hydrated. His dinner usually consists of warm oats with a splash of milk, dry figs, and almonds.

Secondly, he advises people to walk for at least 30 minutes every day. This simple exercise is affordable and can be done by anyone. If there is more time available, Burdio encourages doing more physical activity.

Lastly, Burdio believes that getting at least eight hours of sleep each night is crucial for discipline and overall health. He maintains a consistent bedtime and wants to inspire others that age shouldn't limit what one can achieve.