8-Year-Old Girl Shares Taylor Swift's Reaction After Jason Kelce Lifted Her Up to NFL Suite

Ella Piazza, 8, reveals Taylor Swift's reaction after Jason Kelce lifted her up to see Taylor at the Jan. 21 NFL game.


A Dream Come True

Ella Piazza, an 8-year-old girl, had the opportunity of a lifetime when she got to meet Taylor Swift at the Kansas City Chiefs vs Buffalo Bills NFL game on Jan. 21.

Jason Kelce, brother of Travis Kelce and a player for the Philadelphia Eagles, made Ella's dream come true by lifting her up to see Taylor from their luxury suite.

Ella, a long-time fan of Taylor Swift, was ecstatic to have the chance to meet her favorite artist and even brought a handmade poster to show her admiration.

Taylor's Delightful Reaction

When Jason lifted Ella up to wave to Taylor, the Grammy-winning artist was overjoyed. Taylor greeted Ella with a huge smile and waved back at her with enthusiasm.

Ella couldn't contain her happiness upon seeing Taylor's reaction. Tears of joy flowed from her eyes as she expressed her shock and happiness at the surreal experience.

The interaction with Taylor Swift was a truly unforgettable moment for Ella, leaving a lasting impact.

Girldad Energy

Jason Kelce, known for being a devoted father and husband, displayed his 'girldad' energy by making Ella's dream come true.

As a father himself to three girls, Jason understood the importance of creating memorable moments. He went out of his way to ensure Ella had an incredible experience at the game.

His actions were met with admiration and appreciation from Ella and her mother, as well as from fans who witnessed the heartwarming interaction.