8 Art Shows We Can’t Wait to See in 2024

Haunting images from the Rust Belt, the glories of the Harlem Renaissance, and more.


LaToya Ruby Frazier: Monuments of Solidarity

MoMA (May 12–September 7)

The MacArthur-winning artist-activist’s images of her hometown, Braddock, Pennsylvania; Flint, Michigan; and other Rust Belt sites of industrial waste, decay, and ecological poisoning give us everyday people in everyday existence fighting for their lives.

In many of her photographs, we see Frazier’s family and the artist herself, some of whom have been made sick by living so close to industry.

Behold this quietly revolutionary testament to our time, a hybrid form of Black feminist world-building.

The Harlem Renaissance and Transatlantic Modernism

Metropolitan Museum of Art (February 25–July 28)

With over 150 works of painting, sculpture, photography, film, and ephemera made between the 1920s and ’40s, the Met gives us the glory that was the Harlem Renaissance, when Black art and life and creativity flowed through and burst out of this magnetic, mythologized neighborhood.

We will see the forming of a new American aesthetic that has been seeding art and artists ever since and is now finally being seen as important and primary, as it always was.

It is a river.

Joan Snyder: Come Close

Canada Gallery (January 12–February 24)

There is a look that might be called Canada Gallery: loud, funky, materialist, handmade, strange, ugly, poetic, and smart — and 83-year old Joan Snyder was Canada before it even existed.

Her paintings look like quilts, with their many textured sections, but also like magic carpets for the ways they transport us.


Jamian Juliano-Villani: It

Gagosian Gallery (March 16–April 20)

Juliano-Villani, a petite stick of dynamite, seems to channel 100 types of energy at once.

Her paintings are flat conglomerations of images, each painted meticulously and nearly searing the eyes with color.

And her own gallery, O’Flaherty’s, on Avenue A is one of the hottest, craziest artistic spaces in New York.