7 things people who stay effortlessly fit never do (so you shouldn’t either)

Learn the habits of effortlessly fit people and how you can apply them to your own fitness journey.


Aim to give 100% effort to every workout

Contrary to popular belief, effortlessly fit people don't aim to give 100% effort to every workout. They understand the concept of the rate of perceived effort (RPE) and know that pushing themselves to the limit every time is not sustainable. Instead, they focus on consistency and giving the appropriate amount of effort for each workout.

By not constantly pushing themselves to the max, effortlessly fit individuals are able to recover properly and stay consistent, which ultimately leads to better progress and long-term success.

If you want to stay effortlessly fit, don't feel pressured to go all-out every time. Find a balance between pushing yourself and allowing for adequate recovery.

Do things they hate for exercise

Effortlessly fit people don't force themselves to do exercises or activities they hate. They understand that exercise is a lifelong journey and choose activities they genuinely enjoy or at least don't despise. This can be anything from dancing to weightlifting to yoga.

Research has shown that when you enjoy your exercise routine, you're more likely to stick with it consistently. So, instead of dreading your workouts, find activities that bring you joy and make exercise a fun part of your life.

Don't feel obligated to do exercises you hate just because others say they're effective. Find what works for you and makes you happy.

Obsess over food

Effortlessly fit people don't obsess over food and follow restrictive diets. They understand the importance of having a healthy relationship with food and practice moderation. While they make mostly healthy food choices, they also allow themselves to indulge in treats occasionally.

Obsessing over food can lead to negative emotions and an unhealthy relationship with eating. Instead, focus on making mostly nutritious choices and allow yourself to enjoy the occasional indulgence.

By having a balanced approach to food, you can maintain a healthy lifestyle without feeling deprived or constantly stressed about what you eat.


Drink alcohol excessively

Effortlessly fit people don't drink alcohol excessively. While they may enjoy a social drink or indulge on special occasions, they understand the negative impact excessive drinking can have on their fitness goals. Research has shown that alcohol can impair muscle efficiency during exercise.

If you're serious about your health and fitness, consider reducing your alcohol intake to a moderate level. Not only will it benefit your physical well-being, but it can also improve your overall fitness and performance.

Remember, moderation is key when it comes to alcohol consumption.