5-time All-Star Brantley Retires after 15 Years

Michael Brantley, a five-time All-Star and World Series champion, is retiring after 15 major league seasons.


Brantley's Retirement and Priorities

Michael Brantley, a five-time All-Star and World Series champion, has announced his retirement from professional baseball after 15 seasons. Brantley expressed that his decision is driven by his desire to be present for his young children and not miss important milestones in their lives. In an interview with MLB Network, he stated, "It's time for me to be home 24/7, watch my kids grow up and not miss important milestones." Brantley has already taken steps towards his new role as a father, revealing that he has signed up to coach in a Little League.

Brantley's Career in Cleveland and Houston

Brantley's career began when he was traded from the Milwaukee Brewers to the Cleveland Guardians in 2008 as a part of the deal involving CC Sabathia. He made his debut with the Guardians the following season and remained with the team until the end of the 2018 season. In December 2018, Brantley became a free agent and signed with the Houston Astros.

During his time in the majors, Brantley achieved a career batting average of .298 with 129 home runs, 720 RBIs, and 125 stolen bases in 1,445 regular-season games. In the postseason, he played 62 games across 14 series and recorded a batting average of .283. Notably, he performed exceptionally well in two World Series appearances with the Astros, hitting .327.

Brantley's Final Season and Retirement Stats

In his final season in 2023, Brantley faced injury setbacks but managed to play 15 regular-season games after a lengthy recovery from a shoulder injury and subsequent surgery. Prior to his return in late August, he had been absent from the majors since June 2022. In total, Brantley retires with a career batting average of .298, 129 home runs, 720 RBIs, 125 stolen bases, and an OPS of .794 in regular-season games.

At the age of 36, Brantley entered free agency in the winter leading up to his retirement. His decision to retire is a testament to his dedication to family and his desire to witness and support his children's growth and development.