Nationals Prospect Carted Off Field After Attempt to Rob Home Run

A scary moment unfolded in the Grapefruit League when a Washington Nationals prospect was stretchered off the field after flipping over a fence while trying to rob a home run.


Player Flips Over Fence in Attempt to Rob Home Run

During a spring training game between the Washington Nationals and the Boston Red Sox, prospect Daylen Lile made a valiant effort to record an out by leaping to catch a fly ball hit by Tyler Miller.

Lile, playing in right field, tried to rob Miller of a solo shot but ended up flipping over the wall instead.

This incident reminded fans of Torii Hunter's famous attempted catch during the 2013 ALCS.

Serious Injury Concerns

The situation quickly took a serious turn as Red Sox relievers in the bullpen immediately called for medical personnel.

Lile could be seen rolling around in the bullpen through a crack in the outfield wall, leading to several minutes of delay.

He was eventually placed on a stretcher with a neck brace and transported to a hospital for further evaluation.

Positive Update on Lile's Condition

After the game, Nationals manager Dave Martinez provided an update on Lile's condition.

He mentioned that Lile underwent a CT scan of his lower back at the hospital and had movement in his arms and legs.

Lile even gave a thumbs-up to the crowd as he left the field, indicating signs of positivity.