4 Key Hair Trends for 2024, According to Sam McKnight

Renowned hairstylist Sam McKnight shares his predictions for the top hair trends in 2024, showcasing effortless and healthy looks with a touch of luxury.


The Vision of Sam McKnight

Sam McKnight, the king of catwalk and front-cover hair, predicts a luxurious upgrade for hair in 2024. His vision includes hair that looks effortlessly healthy and glossy, with added polish. With his experience working with iconic figures like Princess Diana and the '90s-era supermodels, McKnight is an authority in the industry.

According to McKnight, trends in hair are not intentional but rather a result of his creative process. He explains that trends are a collection of inspiration and a means for individuals to interpret and bring them into their own style. Just like fashion, hair trends are cyclical and evolve over time.

Four Key Hair Trends for 2024

1. Photo Flash Shine: Achieve reflective, glossy, and weightlessly supple locks with the help of nourishing oils like the Hair by Sam McKnight Love Me Do Nourishing Oil. McKnight used this product at the 16Arlington SS24 show to create a sleek look. In the meantime, try the Virtue Healing Oil for noticeable shine.

2. Modern Retro: Embrace iconic hairstyles from past decades, such as '70s-inspired flicks, beehives, and maxi bobs of '60s girl groups. McKnight used his Easy-Up Do and Modern Hairspray to create exaggerated shapes, volume, and silhouettes for the models at the Ashish SS24 show. Celebrities like Anne Hathaway and Dua Lipa have also reinvented retro styles on the red carpet.

3. Luxe Cool-Girl Hair: Inspired by the supermodels of the '80s and '90s, this trend focuses on volume that is vibrant and mood-boosting. Healthy hair with a glossy finish is key, and using nourishing products like lightweight oils and texturizing balms can achieve this look. McKnight created slight texture with high shine at the 16Arlington SS24 show to embody this trend.

4. Sleek and Chic: Embrace sleek and polished hairstyles, including sharp finger-waves, glossy chignons, and feather-light ponytails. McKnight recommends using products like Self-Control Gel, Modern Hairspray, and nourishing oils for a lustrous finish. This style was seen at runway shows like Annie's Ibiza, Richard Quinn, and Balmain for SS24.

Bringing the Trends into Your Own Style

With Sam McKnight's predictions for the top hair trends in 2024, individuals can update their look with these effortlessly chic styles. Whether it's achieving a glossy shine, embracing iconic retro hairstyles, adding volume for a cool-girl vibe, or opting for sleek and polished silhouettes, there are plenty of options to explore. McKnight's expertise and experience in the industry make him a trusted source for hair inspiration.

By incorporating these trends into your own personal style, you can stay ahead of the curve and showcase the latest hair looks in 2024. Remember, trends are meant to inspire and evolve, allowing individuals to interpret them in their own unique way.