33 Winning Shots From The Close-Up Photographer Of The Year 2023 Awards

The winners and finalists of the 2023 Close-Up Photographer of the Year (CUPOTY) Awards have just been revealed! More than 2,000 entries from 67 countries were submitted, and the judges have picked the best ones in eleven categories.


1st Place In The Category Of Fungi And Slime Moulds: "The Ice Crown" By Barry Webb

Barry Webb's photograph of a 1mm tall slime mould called Didymium squamulosum won first place in the Fungi and Slime Moulds category. The image captured the frost forming a crown shape on top of the fruiting body. Webb had to be careful not to breathe on it as his breath had melted the ice in a previous attempt.

Link to the photo: [cupoty.com](https://www.boredpanda.com/close-up-photographer-of-the-year-2023-awards-winners/?cexp_id=13452&cexp_var=49&_f=featured)

Csaba Daróczi wins Close-Up Photographer of the Year 2023

Hungarian photographer Csaba Daróczi won the title of Close-Up Photographer of the Year 2023. He captured an amazing photo of a Eurasian nuthatch in mid-flight, taken from inside a hollowed-out tree stump. Daróczi will receive a cash prize, a Universal License for Affinity Photo, Designer, and Publisher apps, and more.

Link to the photo: [cupoty.com](https://www.boredpanda.com/close-up-photographer-of-the-year-2023-awards-winners/?cexp_id=13452&cexp_var=49&_f=featured)

Other Winning Photographs

The article showcases several other winning photographs from different categories such as Animals, Insects, Butterflies and Dragonflies, Invertebrate Portrait, Underwater, Plants, Fungi and Slime Moulds, Intimate Landscape, Human Made, Micro, and Young Close-up Photographer of the Year. Each photograph is accompanied by a description from the photographer.

Link to the full gallery of winners and finalists: [cupoty.com](https://www.boredpanda.com/close-up-photographer-of-the-year-2023-awards-winners/?cexp_id=13452&cexp_var=49&_f=featured)