31 People Who Moved Countries For Internet Love Share How That Went

People share their experiences of meeting a partner online and moving abroad to be with them.



One person met their husband online and moved from mid-Michigan to Canada to be with him. They have been happily married for several years and now have a son together. They credit their success to maintaining a strong friendship and putting effort into both their friendship and romantic relationship.

Another person had a different experience. They met someone online who claimed to be a Nigerian prince and promised to marry them and share their wealth. The person saw the situation as romantic, but the commenter clearly did not. It's likely that the commenter was being sarcastic and poking fun at the idea of falling for online scams.

One person met their boyfriend online when they were 17 and he was 19. They lived in Denmark and Turkey and maintained a long-distance relationship for five years. Eventually, they moved in together in Sweden and have been living happily ever since.


Another person shared their story of moving to Canada to be with someone they met online. The relationship didn't work out, but they ended up finding an amazing fiancé and starting a family. They believe that even though their first relationship didn't succeed, it led them to an even better one.

Someone else shared a similar story of meeting someone online and moving from California to the UK to be with them. The relationship didn't work out as they had hoped, but they still have positive memories of their time together and the experience of living in a different country.

Another person met a girl online from Ontario, Canada, while they were in California. They eventually got married and now have two kids. They consider themselves fortunate, as the person they married provided a better life for their family.


One person met their wife online while playing a video game. They lived in Venezuela, South America, and she lived in Indiana, USA. They had a long-distance relationship, visited each other several times, and eventually got married. They now have two young kids and are very happy together.

Another person met their wife online and moved from Europe to Canada to be with her. Although the relationship did not work out, they ended up finding a new partner and starting a family. They consider it a happy ending, even though it was a different outcome than they expected.

One person had a similar experience of moving from California to Canada to be with their partner. The relationship ended, but they found an amazing fiancé and have a perfect son. They believe that everything worked out even better than they expected.