2024 NFL Mock Draft: Patriots' Bill Belichick gets QB, Caleb Williams falls to unexpected team outside top 5

Plenty of intriguing quarterback storylines in this mock draft


Intriguing Quarterback Storylines in the 2024 NFL Draft

The 2024 NFL Draft is filled with intriguing quarterback storylines, with uncertainty surrounding the order in which quarterbacks will be selected. While Caleb Williams is often projected to be the first quarterback off the board, there is a chance that LSU's Jayden Daniels could surprise everyone and be chosen early. In recent history, there have been many surprises when it comes to quarterback selections, so it's important not to assume anything.

Additionally, this mock draft includes a trade involving Justin Fields, as the Chicago Bears acquire him from the Atlanta Falcons. Trades like these can significantly impact the draft order and add even more unpredictability to the selection process.

Mock Trade: Justin Fields to the Chicago Bears

In this mock draft, the Chicago Bears acquire quarterback Justin Fields from the Atlanta Falcons in a trade. The Bears give up their second-round pick, a conditional third-round pick that becomes a second-round pick if Fields plays a certain percentage of snaps in 2024, and wide receiver Scott Miller. This trade demonstrates the willingness of teams to make bold moves to secure their desired players in the draft.

This mock trade adds an exciting element to the draft and showcases the potential for unexpected moves that can shape the order of player selections.

Projected Picks

The mock draft provides projections for the first round of the 2024 NFL Draft, including the top quarterback selections. It predicts that Drake Maye will be chosen first overall by the Chicago Bears, followed by Jayden Daniels being selected by the New England Patriots. The Arizona Cardinals are projected to pick wide receiver Marvin Harrison Jr., while the Washington Commanders select offensive tackle Olumuyiwa Fashanu.

Other notable predicted picks in this mock draft include Laiatu Latu to the Chicago Bears, Caleb Williams to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, and Malik Nabers to the New York Giants. Each selection provides an interesting storyline and potential impact for the respective teams.