2024 New Year’s Resolutions Photographer’s Will Definitely Keep

As photographers flip their calendars over to 2024, waving goodbye to a year of great gear and hopefully even better photos, it is time for shutterbugs to usher in the New Year with top-notch — and totally realistic — New Year’s resolutions.


This Year is Finally the Year for an Updated Website

One photographer's New Year's resolution is to finally update their photography website after saying they would do it for the past six years. Recently, they had to ask Zenfolio to unarchive a couple of image galleries that went offline due to inactivity. They had thought they added new photos to those pages recently but realized that the pages haven't been touched since 2014. Nevertheless, they are determined to update their website this year.

Updating one's website is an important goal for photographers to showcase their work and attract potential clients. It can also serve as a way to keep their portfolio up to date and reflect any changes or improvements in their photography style.

3-2-1 Backup in 2024

Implementing a 3-2-1 backup strategy is a resolution for many photographers in 2024. This strategy involves creating three copies of data on two different storage devices, with at least one copy stored in another location. It ensures that files are safe, even if something catastrophic happens to one device.

Many photographers struggle with organizing their files and ensuring they have proper backups. The 3-2-1 backup strategy provides a clear and effective solution to protect their valuable photos from loss. Resources like PetaPixel's Photo Backup Guide can help photographers reduce the stress of organizing and backing up their files.

The Year of Organization

Another common New Year's resolution among photographers is to organize their old photo and video files. With years of photos stored across various devices and folders, it can be a daunting task to manage and find specific images.

By organizing their files, photographers can save time and easily locate their best shots when working on projects or client requests. It also helps eliminate duplicate files and free up storage space. Creating a systematic file naming structure and utilizing photo management software can greatly assist in the organization process.


Trying New Photo Styles

Many photographers set a goal to explore and experiment with new photo styles or projects in the upcoming year. This could involve challenging oneself to take a photo every day, trying a new lens, or exploring different genres of photography.

Venturing outside of their comfort zone can lead to creative growth and the chance to discover new passions within photography. It allows photographers to expand their portfolio and develop their skills in various areas, making them more versatile and adaptable. Embracing new photo styles can also provide fresh inspiration and prevent stagnation in one's work.