2024 Hair Trends: The Best Cuts, Colors and Styles to Try This Year

From choppy cuts to low-maintenance colors, celebrity hairstylists share their top predictions for 2024 hair trends


2024 Haircuts

Blunt Bob: The clean, short bob that falls around your chin and a little bit below is going to be a big haircut trend in 2024. It's already making waves, and celebrity stylist Laura Polko expects another surge in popularity in the spring. She advises going a little longer in the front to avoid looking too short when tucking hair behind the ears.

Long Layers: As people shift away from overly processed color, long hair is on the rise in 2024. Healthy hair that is well-maintained allows for more layers and versatility. Celebrity hairstylist Ericka Verrett recommends using hair growth and strengthening products to promote healthier hair and less thinning.

Luxurious Volume: Luxury and elegance are predicted to be big trends for 2024, and this includes hairstyles. Celebrity stylist Verrett predicts structured cuts with an emphasis on volume but without going overboard on texture. Curly bobs and layered cuts are expected to be popular, creating shape and bounce.

2024 Hair Colors

Cool-Toned Brunette: Warm tones are taking a backseat in 2024, with cool-toned brunettes featuring violet-silver tones becoming a statement trend. Madison Reed master colorist Shvonne Perkins suggests asking for a cool, metallic undertone that minimizes red when going for this look.

Bronde: For those who can't decide between blonde and brunette, bronde is the perfect compromise. This soft, blended shade is expected to be popular in 2024 and provides a more natural and low-maintenance glam look. A combination of highlights and lowlights achieves the bronde effect.

Red with Blue Undertones: Red hair is getting bolder in 2024, with shades that have blue undertones making a statement. This more austere and exciting take on red adds depth and structure to hairstyles.

2024 Hair Styles

Bows: Hair bows are gaining popularity as a dainty and cute hair accessory. Big bows are a favorite among celebrities and add a playful touch to any hairstyle.

Wide Headbands: The wide, stretchy fabric headbands made popular in 2023 are expected to continue their prominence in 2024. They are great for day two hair and provide a laidback and low-maintenance style.

French Twist: The classic French twist is making a comeback in 2024. It's a timeless and versatile updo that looks great on all hair lengths, from short to long.

Oversized Hairpins: Whether paired with a French twist or another updo, oversized hairpins are a trendy way to perfect your style. They add a touch of sophistication and hold your hairstyle in place.

Barrettes: Barrettes are set for a renaissance in 2024. They instantly add drama and elegance to any look. Look for rectangular belt buckle designs in sterling silver or leather for a chic touch.