12-Year-Old Girl Whirls Huge Snake Around to Save Pet Guinea Pig's Life

A brave 12-year-old girl in Australia takes on a massive snake to protect her pet guinea pig.


Girl Saves Pet from Snake Attack

In a heart-stopping moment, a 12-year-old girl named Rosie in Australia showed extreme bravery as she fought off a snake that tried to eat her pet guinea pig. The shocking encounter was captured on video and shared on social media, quickly going viral with over 8,800 views.

Rosie, determined to save her beloved pet named MaxiBon, took immediate action when she discovered the guinea pig in the jaws of the massive snake. Without hesitation, she grabbed hold of the snake's tail and began swiftly whirling it around in an attempt to make the reptile drop her pet.

Acting purely on instinct, Rosie's courageous efforts paid off as the snake finally released MaxiBon. Both the guinea pig and Rosie escaped the encounter unharmed.

Father Proud of Daughter's Heroic Act

The girl's father, Luke Wightman, expressed his pride in Rosie's brave actions. He recalled hearing her screams and rushing outside to find her holding the snake 'like a hammer thrower.' Wightman joined in to help, and together they freed MaxiBon and safely threw the snake over their garden wall.

Although concerned about the snake's impact on their neighbors, Wightman made sure it slithered away unharmed. He described the snake as a 2.5-meter python, although its exact species remains unknown.

Rosie's father praised her for having the guts to pick up a snake and save her pet's life. He added that Rosie and MaxiBon were both doing well after the incident.

A Happy Ending for Rosie and MaxiBon

Following the harrowing snake encounter, Rosie is receiving praise for her amazing actions. She acted quickly and decisively, putting her own safety at risk to protect her pet guinea pig.

MaxiBon, the resilient guinea pig, escaped unscathed and showed no signs of the traumatic incident. He is now happily enjoying time with his brother, Yochi.

This heartwarming story serves as a reminder of the incredible bond between humans and their pets, and the extraordinary lengths we will go to keep them safe.