12 Workouts to Try in 2024

Here are some of our favorite moves to help you feel strong and age well, no matter your fitness level.


Put one foot in front of the other.

Walking versus running

We all know walking is good for us. But could a short run be even better? In many cases, experts say, yes. Building what scientists call “vigorous” exercise into your routine pays phenomenal dividends down the line.

Here are a few tips for turning a morning stroll into a jog — and a jog into a run.

The ease of rucking

Find a heavy thing. Put that heavy thing in a backpack. Now, carry the backpack.

It is truly hard to imagine a more basic exercise than rucking, a fitness trend that started in the military and has swept the nation over the last ten years. But don’t let its simplicity fool you; rucking is a highly effective way to build both cardiovascular health and strength. We’ve got strategies for getting started on your first ruck, whether you carry a specialized pack or wear an old JanSport with a couple dictionaries stuffed inside.

Exercise for longevity.

If you only have time for five moves …

The most important thing for aging well is to build a healthy, regular fitness habit.

So where should you start? You want to get the heart going a little, and strengthen the core, legs and upper body. These five great exercises are ones you can do regularly to train the major muscle groups that will keep you strong and unencumbered as you grow older.


Getting a grip

Studies have shown that a strong set of hands plays a big role in longevity. Good grip strength allows you to catch yourself if you fall. It also allows you to do various essential household tasks such as carry a pot, lift a heavy bag and open the mayo jar.

Preventing neck pain

There are all sorts of workout strategies to avoid knee injuries, back pain, shoulder issues, even ankle problems. But the tricks for avoiding neck pain are more subtle. It’s less about big exercises and more about posture and work habits.

Build resilience against acute or chronic neck pain by following these steps.