100 tiny changes to transform your life: from the one-minute rule to pyjama yoga

Want more health and happiness in the year ahead – without having to work too hard? Here are tried and tested tweaks that can lead to big improvements


Not setting a morning alarm

During the pandemic, many people discovered that they didn't need to set a morning alarm. By allowing themselves to wake up naturally, without the stress of an alarm going off, they found that they felt more rested and less stressed.

Dr. Neil Stanley, a sleep expert, recommends this practice as it allows the body to get enough sleep and wake up refreshed.

Listening to classical music on the radio

Switching from listening to the news during meals to classical music can have a significant impact on stress levels and overall happiness. Many people have found that listening to calming and soothing music improves their mood and helps them feel less stressed throughout the day.

Leaving the phone downstairs at night

Keeping the phone out of the bedroom and using an alarm clock instead can greatly improve sleep quality. By avoiding the temptation to scroll through news or social media late at night, individuals can experience better sleep, reduced stress, and increased calmness.

Joe Wicks, a fitness coach, recommends this practice for better sleep hygiene.


Filling out the calendar for the next decade

After experiencing a severe illness, some individuals have found value in filling out their calendar with future events and goals. By visualizing a healthy and fulfilling life in the years to come, they gain perspective and motivation to make decisions that align with their long-term well-being.