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March Releases

This month, we have selected nine new books that come highly recommended. These books explore themes of tumultuous change and unexpected life paths.

Lucy Sante's memoir, 'I Heard Her Call My Name', recounts her gender transition as she approached her 70s. Roxana Robinson's novel, 'Leaving', tells the story of late-life romance. Anna Quindlen's 'After Annie' explores grief and loss. These books offer thought-provoking insights and captivating narratives.

Other recommended books include a powerful Holocaust memoir, 'Cold Crematorium', and 'Madness', a historical account of a segregated mental hospital in Jim Crow Maryland. In fiction, we have selected the surreal adventure 'The Mysterious Case of the Alverson Angels', the satirical Australian novel 'Praiseworthy', and the haunting story collection 'You Glow in the Dark'. Happy reading!

Critics' Reviews

Lucy Sante's memoir, 'I Heard Her Call My Name', has received positive reviews. Critics praise the book for its observations about aging and vanity, as well as its vivid portrayal of 1970s New York.

Anna Quindlen's novel, 'After Annie', has also been well-received. Critics describe it as a quiet and revelatory book about grief and self-discovery.

József Debreczeni's Holocaust memoir, 'Cold Crematorium', has garnered acclaim for its powerful and precise depiction of the horrors of the camp. Critics note the book's profound reflection on the limits of words in the face of unimaginable atrocities.

Editors' Choice

In our editors' choice section, we feature 'The Mysterious Case of the Alperton Angels', a thrilling novel that combines elements of true crime and the occult. Readers can actively engage in solving the mystery alongside the protagonist through texts, emails, and WhatsApp messages.

We also highlight 'Madness', a meticulously researched history of a segregated mental hospital, and 'You Glow in the Dark', a collection of eerie and otherworldly stories.

Additionally, we recommend 'Leaving', a captivating love story about rekindling old romance, and 'Praiseworthy', a satirical exploration of clashing worldviews in Australia.