Superman: Legacy Title Change Confirmed by James Gunn; First Costume Tease Unveiled

James Gunn reveals Superman movie title change to simply Superman, with release date set for July 11, 2025. New design of iconic "S" symbol teased by Gunn, celebrating Superman's birthday with principal photography starting. Gunn initially named the film Superman: Legacy, but changed it to Superman after final draft completion.


James Gunn Changes Title to Superman and Reveals New Costume Design

James Gunn has announced that Superman: Legacy will no longer be flying under that title, but has now reverted to the much simpler, Superman. Along with this reveal, Gunn also unveiled a first look at the new design of the most famous 'S' in history, with a costume tease especially to celebrate the birthday of a certain Clark Kent.

Writing on his Threads account, Gunn wrote: "Overjoyed to be announcing the start of principal photography on SUPERMAN today, February 29, which just so happens to be – coincidentally and unplanned – Superman’s birthday (!) When I finished the first draft of the script, I called the film Superman: Legacy. By the time I locked the final draft, it was clear the title was SUPERMAN. Making our way to you July 2025. Happy Birthday, Clark!"

Dropping the 'Legacy' from the movie means that Gunn and Safran's first DCU movie is now set to be a rarity in recent comic book movies, coming without a title containing a colon and an increasingly lengthy subtitle. While Gunn has noted that the simple and bold title of Superman - the first time a movie centered on the Man of Steel has been called that since the original 1978 movie starring Christopher Reeve - was clear from the completed script, with a huge roster of characters involved, the re-titling of the movie also hints that despite so many other heroes being present, the only one that matters is the one bearing a 'S' on his chest.

Superman Has Built One of the Biggest Live-Action DC Casts Ever

James Gunn has never been one for going small-scale if there is a chance to really blow the roof off a movie. Following on from his large ensembles of the Guardians of the Galaxy movies and The Suicide Squad, the director is once again pulling in several of his most trusted allies and many others to boot.

Although it has been hinted that even more characters could be potentially making their DCU debut in Superman, so far the cast includes David Corenswet and Rachel Brosnahan as Clark Kent and Lois Lane, respectively, Nicholas Hoult stepping into the role of Lex Luthor, and Isabela Merced as Hawkgirl. They are joined by Maria Gabriela de Faria (Engineer), Nathan Fillion (Guy Gardner), Anthony Carrigan (Metamorpho), Sara Sampaio (Eve Teschmacher), Skyler Gisondo (Jimmy Olsen), Milly Alcock (Supergirl), Edi Gathegi (Mr Terrific) and Sean Gunn (Maxwell Lord).

More Information on the Story of Superman Yet to Be Revealed

For now, how all of these characters connect in the story is being kept under wraps, but with production on the movie now underway, it is only a matter of time until more information is slowly revealed as we head towards the birth of a brand-new DCU.

Superman will be released in cinemas on July 11, 2025.