QED-C: The American Quantum Industry’s Collective Voice

Learn about QED-C, the collective voice of the American quantum industry.


What is QED-C?

QED-C is an organization that represents the collective voice of the American quantum industry. It stands for Quantum Economic Development Consortium and serves as a platform for collaboration, communication, and advocacy within the quantum community.

The purpose of QED-C is to promote the development and commercialization of quantum-based technologies in the United States. It brings together industry leaders, government agencies, academic institutions, and other stakeholders to accelerate innovation and address the challenges faced by the quantum industry.

Goals and Initiatives

QED-C has a set of overarching goals that guide its activities. These goals include advancing quantum research and development, fostering a skilled workforce in the quantum field, and promoting the growth of quantum-based industries in the United States.

To achieve its goals, QED-C has initiated various programs and projects. One notable initiative is the establishment of Quantum Innovation Centers (QICs) across the country. These QICs serve as hubs for collaboration, education, and technology transfer, enabling the quantum industry to thrive. QED-C also works on policy advocacy, connecting stakeholders with policymakers to create an environment conducive to quantum innovation.

Additionally, QED-C actively engages in outreach and education efforts. It organizes workshops, seminars, and conferences to promote knowledge sharing and collaboration among quantum experts and enthusiasts. By fostering a strong network and community, QED-C aims to support the growth and competitiveness of the American quantum industry.

The Importance of QED-C

QED-C plays a crucial role in advancing the American quantum industry. By providing a unified and collective voice, it amplifies the impact of individual stakeholders, allowing them to address common challenges more effectively.

Moreover, QED-C facilitates collaboration and knowledge exchange among different sectors of the quantum community. This interdisciplinary approach promotes innovation and accelerates the development and commercialization of quantum technologies.

Through its advocacy and policy efforts, QED-C also strives to create a supportive and enabling environment for the quantum industry. By working closely with government agencies and policymakers, it aims to shape favorable policies, funding opportunities, and regulations that promote the growth and competitiveness of the American quantum industry.