Michigan's Favorite Snack Revealed for National Snack Day

As National Snack Day approaches on March 4th, it has been revealed that Rice Krispies Treats are Michigan's favorite snack. According to experts at Hubscore, who analyzed the top five favorite snacks in each state, Rice Krispies Treats emerged as the favorite in 17 other states as well. Additionally, Doritos came in second place for Michigan, while Ohio's favorite snack was also Doritos. National Snack Day is an opportunity to celebrate these beloved treats.


Rice Krispies Treats Named Michigan's Favorite Snack

With National Snack Day just around the corner on March 4th, Kellogg's Rice Krispies Treats have been declared Michigan's favorite snack. Based in Battle Creek, Kellogg's is a Michigan company, so it makes perfect sense that their iconic treat is loved by Michiganders. According to Hubscore, who analyzed trending snacks, Rice Krispies Treats also emerged as the favorite snack in 17 other states. The crispy, marshmallowy goodness of Rice Krispies Treats has captured the hearts and taste buds of snack enthusiasts nationwide.

In addition to being a favorite in Michigan, Rice Krispies Treats have a special place in snack history. It was Mildred Day, an Iowa native working for Kellogg's cereal company, who first created the treat. Day tested recipes in Kellogg's kitchens and eventually developed the recipe for Rice Krispies Treats. This delicious snack made its debut in 1928 and quickly became a hit with its famous "snap, crackle, and pop" sounds. Nearly a century later, Rice Krispies Treats continue to be beloved by people of all ages, especially in Michigan.

Doritos: The Second Most Popular Snack in Michigan

While Rice Krispies Treats claimed the top spot as Michigan's favorite snack, Doritos secured a close second place. According to Hubscore's analysis of trending snacks, Doritos emerged as the preferred choice in 16 states across the country. In Michigan's neighboring state, Ohio, Doritos also took the lead as the favorite snack. The flavored tortilla chips from Frito-Lay have become a staple in snack aisles and a go-to choice for many Michiganders.

The popularity of Doritos and Rice Krispies Treats reflects the diverse snacking preferences of people across the United States. Whether it's the salty crunch of Doritos or the sweet nostalgia of Rice Krispies Treats, snacks play an important role in our daily lives. On National Snack Day, it's the perfect time to indulge in our favorite treats and celebrate the joy they bring.

The Birth of Rice Krispies Treats and Their Enduring Popularity

The story behind Rice Krispies Treats is as fascinating as the snack itself. Mildred Day, an employee of Kellogg's cereal company in Battle Creek, Michigan, played a crucial role in the creation of this beloved treat. In the late 1920s, Day tested recipes and conducted cooking schools for Kellogg's customers across the country. It was during this time that she developed the recipe for Rice Krispies Treats, inspired by an earlier recipe that used puffed wheat and molasses.

Day's innovation didn't stop there. She believed that marshmallows would be a less messy alternative to molasses and decided to incorporate them into her recipe. The result was a crispy, chewy treat that captivated the taste buds of all who tried it. Rice Krispies Treats gained popularity quickly, and in 1941, Kellogg's featured the recipe for the treat on its Rice Krispies cereal box for the first time. Since then, Rice Krispies Treats have become a staple snack in households across the nation, including in Michigan.