Galaxy S24 Live Translate tested: Does it work as advertised?

Learn about the new live translation feature on the Samsung Galaxy S24 series and how well it handles different languages and local slang.


Live translation on the Galaxy S24: Languages, options, settings

Samsung's new live translation feature on the Samsung Galaxy S24 series allows for translations on the fly during phone calls. It works offline and doesn't require a network connection, making it convenient to use no matter what phone the other person is using. To enable this feature, you'll need to open the Phone app and go to Settings > Live Translate.

Once enabled, you can choose from 12 different languages, with various local variations available. You can also customize settings such as speech speed and whether or not your original message is muted during the translation. Additionally, you have the option to assign different language combinations for specific contacts or change the language on the fly during a call. For added privacy, you can enable the 'Process data only on device' setting to keep your data local.

Samsung's Galaxy AI features, including live translation for phone calls, are processed locally by default. However, you can choose to enable server-side processing for convenience. Overall, the Galaxy S24 offers a user-friendly interface with customizable settings for a seamless translation experience.

How good is the Galaxy S24 at live translating phone calls?

The Galaxy S24's live translation feature is generally very good. While you do need to manually trigger it, the translation is near perfect if you speak clearly. It handles contractions and different speaking speeds well, particularly in English (US). However, other languages may not be as accurate when it comes to slang or local expressions.

For example, during tests in French, the translation engine struggled with slang words, translating them inaccurately or leaving them as is. This may not be an issue for formal or professional conversations in another language, but it's important to consider when using the feature in more casual settings.

Despite the occasional limitations with slang, the Galaxy S24's live translation feature is effective for communicating without language barriers. If both parties are patient and willing, the back-and-forth translations are seamless and can make conversations with strangers a rewarding and enjoyable experience.

Enough testing, does it work with strangers?

While the Galaxy S24's live translation feature is impressive, its effectiveness with strangers depends on their willingness to engage with the technology. Some may be less patient and choose to end the call upon hearing an AI voice or the translation announcement. However, if both parties are patient, the translations are practically seamless and can lead to successful interactions.

Having control over speech speed and the option to hear or mute the original sentences can enhance the overall experience. This AI feature is designed for real people in real-life situations, simplifying language barriers and making communication more accessible. Future improvements could include faster translations that start after speaking a few words, rather than waiting until the end of a sentence. This could potentially increase acceptance and usage of the feature.