Exciting Changes Coming to Cooking and Trade Skills in Season 5

Join Lead Seasons Designer Patrick Smedley and Senior Systems Designer Tony Morton for a preview of the upcoming changes in Season 5.


Simplifying Cooking Options

Cooking in New World can be complex, especially for players who are not as familiar with the Trade Skill. To address this, we are simplifying some of the options available.

At launch, Cooking had a wide range of potential combinations for food buffs, but after observing millions of hours of gameplay, we now have a better understanding of how players structure their builds and use consumables.

In Season 5, we will be removing split attribute food. Most players already prefer to use pure attribute food, so this change will simplify the system and streamline the choices available.

Ingredient and Recipe Changes

Instead of removing items and wiping them from players' inventories, we will be swapping them for more desirable options.

For example, the Pesto-stuffed Turkey Breast, which gives a Strength and Intelligence bonus, will be replaced with Clam Chowder, a pure Strength food of the same tier. The logic behind the replacement is to ensure that players still have access to a similar item with the main attribute they desire.

As for recipes, the physical recipes in your inventory will also be swapped using the same logic. However, any known recipes will be deprecated and you will lose access to them.

Enhancing Legendary Fish Recipes

We have noticed that Fishing has become less useful than intended, so in Season 5, we are making changes to make Legendary Fish more meaningful.

Legendary Fish recipes, such as Fried Albenaja, will become the most potent food in the game. We have adjusted the values and requirements for these recipes to provide a more balanced and rewarding experience.

In addition, we are planning to make further improvements to the Fishing Trade Skill in a future update.


Other Enhancements and Future Plans

We have also revamped the XP generated from Cooking recipes to provide a more satisfying progression. Recipes will now grant more XP than before, encouraging players to craft a variety of items.

Ingredient descriptions have been updated to provide more helpful information about where items can be found. This will make it easier for players to gather the necessary ingredients for their recipes.

Recipe drops have been adjusted to reduce duplicate appearances and make it easier for players to find the recipes they are looking for.

These changes are just the beginning. We plan to rework all Trade Skills, with the exception of newer ones like Riding, in future Seasons based on player feedback and usage patterns.

We look forward to hearing your feedback in the Season 5 PTR as we continue to refine and improve these systems. Thank you for your support and we'll see you in Aeternum!