‘Everything’s on the table’ for Flyers ahead of Trade Deadline, GM says

The Philadelphia Flyers could be buyers and sellers ahead of the 2024 NHL Trade Deadline. General manager Daniel Briere stated that they may make a depth trade to help bolster the lineup for the postseason push while protecting their future assets. They are also evaluating the market for defensemen Sean Walker and Nick Seeler, with talks ongoing about potential contract extensions. The Flyers are seeking to upgrade their goaltending and are considering all options to support rookie Samuel Ersson. Despite focusing on the rebuild, the Flyers are in the playoff race and hope to gain valuable experience for their young players.


Flyers Could Be Buyers and Sellers Ahead of Trade Deadline

The Philadelphia Flyers are considering both buying and selling ahead of the 2024 NHL Trade Deadline. General manager Daniel Briere mentioned the possibility of making a depth trade to strengthen their lineup for the playoffs. However, any trade made will not compromise their long-term rebuilding plan.

Briere stated, 'Everything’s on the table'. He added, 'We're not going to do a rental for high-end assets for the future. We're protecting those. We realize where we're at. It's not just about this year. It's about protecting the future, as well. If it's a hockey trade, that's a possibility.' The Flyers will prioritize trades that make them better while ensuring a fair return.

The Flyers are currently in third place in the Metropolitan Division and have a good chance of qualifying for the Stanley Cup Playoffs for the first time since 2020.

Evaluation of Defensemen Market

Philadelphia is evaluating the market for defensemen Sean Walker and Nick Seeler, both of whom can become unrestricted free agents after this season. General manager Daniel Briere has been engaged in discussions with other teams regarding potential trades. Simultaneously, talks with Walker and Seeler's agents are ongoing for possible contract extensions.

Briere shared, 'The talks are good. We're getting a sense of where they're looking to be, or we have a better sense today of where they're looking to be. We're also evaluating on the other side the returns that are possible and trying to, after that, put it all together and decide what's best once we know the interest from other teams. So, there's all kinds of things to consider. But we're trying to get it all together.'

While the recent trade of defenseman Chris Tanev hasn't affected the Flyers' asking price for Walker and Seeler, it has generated more interest from other teams in their defensemen.

Focus on Goaltending Upgrade

The Flyers are looking to upgrade their goaltending position. While rookie Samuel Ersson has performed well, the team believes he could benefit from having an experienced goalie to support him. General manager Daniel Briere mentioned that they are exploring all options and are open to making a move if it makes sense.

Philadelphia recently put goalie Cal Petersen on waivers and assigned him to the American Hockey League. They called up Felix Sandstrom to serve as Ersson’s backup but are still considering other possibilities.

Briere stated, 'We're excited about the way Sam Ersson has played. We'll see. Felix will have the chance to play a few games. But we're certainly looking at all options, and if there's something that makes sense, yeah, we might jump on something.'


Balancing Rebuild and Playoff Push

Despite their focus on rebuilding with younger players, the Flyers' unexpected success this season has put them in a playoff position. General manager Daniel Briere acknowledges the balancing act between the team's long-term rebuild and their current battle for a playoff spot.

Briere said, 'I'd have to say it's a good problem to have because if the team doesn't play the way they have, we're not getting the attention from other teams about our players. It's a great problem to have, so I'm not going to complain about that. I also think that the experience that our young guys are going to acquire from being in this position coming down the stretch [will help]. We were hoping that we'd be in a position where we'd play meaningful games after the deadline.'

The Flyers currently hold third place in the Metropolitan Division and are in a strong position to secure a playoff spot, which would provide valuable experience for their young players.