Diverse and Seasonal Asian Dishes Powered by Family Recipes for Under $45

Get a taste of authentic South East Asian flavors at Bib Gourmand Kaliwa.


What is the dish to order at Kaliwa?

One favorite dish at Kaliwa is the Bicol Express. It's a spicy dish that combines the silkiness of coconut milk, wok-seared vegetables, and crispy pork belly.

Traditionally, Bicol Express is spicy, but at Kaliwa, they add their own twist to let the flavors shine through.

The Bicol Express is a must-try for anyone visiting Kaliwa.

What price range can customers expect at Kaliwa?

Customers can expect a price range of $25 to $45 at Kaliwa.

With a diverse menu of authentic South East Asian dishes, Kaliwa offers quality food at affordable prices.

Whether you're on a budget or looking for a special night out, Kaliwa has something for everyone.

When is the best time to stop by?

According to the team at Kaliwa, the best time to stop by is right now!

They are ready to serve you with their diverse and seasonal menu.

Enjoy the flavors of Korean, Filipino, and Thai cuisine at Kaliwa.