Dale Earnhardt Jr. Reacts to Joey Logano's Attempt to Modify Gloves

Dale Earnhardt Jr. shares his thoughts on Joey Logano's 'creativity' in trying to modify his gloves at Atlanta Motor Speedway.


Logano's Illegally Modified Glove

One of the biggest stories from the recent race at Atlanta Motor Speedway was Joey Logano's illegally modified glove. NASCAR penalized Logano and fined him for using the glove to gain a competitive advantage.

The glove, which Logano used to deflect air away from the window, was altered and did not meet NASCAR's specifications. As a result, Logano had to start from the rear of the field and serve a pass-through penalty.

Dale Earnhardt Jr., on his "Dirty Mo Media" podcast, discussed Logano's creative approach to modifying his gloves. Earnhardt highlighted Logano's use of a webbed material in the fingers to knock air off the rear spoiler when he sticks his hand out the window.

Logano's Penalty and Performance

Logano's penalty did not ultimately impact his performance in the race. He quickly returned to the lead lap after a caution on Lap 2 while serving the penalty. Despite starting from the rear, Logano had one of the fastest cars at Atlanta and led 27 laps.

However, Logano's bid for a win was cut short when he made an ill-advised block on Chris Buescher, causing a wreck involving Denny Hamlin. Logano finished the race in 28th place.

In the previous week's Daytona 500, Logano finished in a disappointing 32nd place.

Explanation of Logano's Penalty by NASCAR Official

Elton Sawyer, NASCAR senior vice president of competition, provided insight into Logano's penalty. He explained that while sticking hands out the window during races is not a significant concern, modifying safety equipment, such as gloves, is taken seriously.

The penalty for Logano included disallowing his qualifying time, sending him to the back of the field, and a pass-through penalty. Sawyer emphasized the importance of closely examining safety equipment for the overall safety of the drivers.