Companies Hope Super Bowl AI Commercials Score With Viewers

Artificial intelligence continues to be a popular theme in Super Bowl commercials, with some ads showcasing how AI helps their products and others poking fun at the concept. Here's a look at some of the AI-related ads that aired during the game.


Microsoft Copilot: 'Watch Me'

Microsoft's 'Watch Me' commercial promotes Microsoft Copilot, the company's AI assistant found in Windows 11. The ad plays off the idea that AI will replace artists and creatives, showing people calling on AI to help them complete various tasks such as making a movie or studying for a test.

The commercial highlights the capabilities of Microsoft Copilot and how it can assist users in their everyday lives.

Overall, this ad showcases the potential of AI and its role in enhancing productivity and creativity.

Google's Pixel 8: 'Javier in Frame'

Google features an accessibility feature called Guided Frame on its Pixel 8 smartphone. This feature utilizes Google AI to assist people with impaired vision in taking photos.

Blind director Adam Morse explains the Guided Frame feature in the Super Bowl ad, with a voiceover by blind singer-songwriter and musician Stevie Wonder. The ad emphasizes the importance of inclusive technology and how AI can improve accessibility for all users.

By highlighting the impact of AI on photography and its ability to assist individuals with visual impairments, Google's ad showcases the positive implications of AI in everyday life.

CrowdStrike: 'The Future'

Cybersecurity company CrowdStrike uses AI for security purposes. In their Super Bowl ad, CrowdStrike takes viewers back to the Old West, where AI-powered cybersecurity saves the day.

The ad features a lone woman armed with CrowdStrike's AI-powered cybersecurity defending a town against Star Wars-like robots. This playful depiction emphasizes the importance of AI in protecting against cyber threats.

By showcasing the role of AI in cybersecurity in a creative and entertaining way, CrowdStrike's ad effectively communicates the significance of AI in safeguarding digital assets.


Etsy: 'Gift Mode'

Etsy's Super Bowl ad takes a light-hearted approach to AI by poking fun at the French. The ad features Americans who are about to receive the Statue of Liberty using Etsy's AI-powered Gift Mode to decide what gift to give back to their French friends.

The ad humorously highlights the versatility of AI and its ability to assist users in making decisions, even in the context of international gift-giving. By incorporating humor, Etsy effectively captures viewers' attention and showcases the practical applications of AI.

Overall, this ad demonstrates the fun and creative side of AI, positioning it as a tool that can add value and enjoyment to people's lives.