Cody Ware Makes Successful Return to Racing at Daytona

After an eight-month suspension, Cody Ware returned to racing at Daytona and achieved impressive finishes of 3rd and 8th.


Aggressive Move Penalized

Cody Ware's return to racing at Daytona started off strong as he finished third in the VP Challenge Series race. However, in the second race, he was penalized for an aggressive move on the first lap.

While trying to make his way to the front of the pack, Ware's car made contact with other cars, resulting in a 10-second penalty. Despite his frustration, Ware defended his move, saying that the penalty was uncalled for as there was no actual contact.

Race control deemed Ware's move as incident responsibility, but Ware believed that he shouldn't be penalized for something that could have happened. Despite the penalty, Ware demonstrated his skill and determination on the track.

Clearing Legal Troubles

Cody Ware's return to racing not only marked his reinstatement by NASCAR but also the dismissal of all legalities surrounding a domestic assault case from the previous year. After facing charges along with his former girlfriend, both were eventually cleared of all allegations.

In a statement after the suspension was lifted, Ware expressed his relief and gratitude for having the ordeal behind him. He maintained his innocence throughout the process and was thankful to have his life back.

With the legal matters resolved, Ware is now ready to focus on his racing career and move forward with his plans for the future.

Looking Ahead

For Cody Ware, the Daytona races were just the beginning. He has additional races scheduled, including two in the Mazda MX-5 Cup and a doubleheader in St. Petersburg before the IndyCar opener.

However, the highlight of Ware's comeback will likely be in April when he returns to one of his family's Cup Series cars, the No. 15 Ford. He is expected to share the ride with Kaz Grala for the rest of the season.

Ware acknowledges the challenges of rebuilding his sponsorships after the suspension, but he remains determined to make a successful comeback and continue pursuing his racing dreams.