Citrus Takes Center Stage in Dallas Restaurants

Dallas restaurants are incorporating citrus into their menus during the winter season.


Rye's Hallou It's Mi

Rye, a Dallas restaurant known for its creative menu, has introduced a new dish called Hallou It's Mi. This unconventional entree features crispy, fried halloumi topped with grapefruit and orange segments, sprinkled with pistachios, and drizzled with Fresno chili hot honey sauce. The citrus brings brightness to the dish and balances the chili's heat. Despite its initial limited run, the dish has become quite popular and will remain on the menu for the rest of the winter season.

Rye is located at 1920 Greenville Ave., Dallas and the dish costs $21.

La Bodega Rotisserie and Good's Citrusy Facelift

La Bodega Rotisserie and Goods in Oak Cliff is known for its seasonal menu, and during citrus season, the restaurant incorporates oranges and grapefruits into its dishes. The menu features a bright citrus salad with fresh oranges and grapefruits, along with other seasonal produce. Owner Skye McDaniel believes in keeping the menu dynamic and is always looking for new ways to utilize seasonal ingredients.

La Bodega Rotisserie and Goods is located at 208 W. Eighth St., Dallas.


Dallas restaurants are embracing the winter citrus season by incorporating oranges and grapefruits into their menus. From unconventional entrees like Rye's Hallou It's Mi to bright citrus salads at La Bodega Rotisserie and Goods, these restaurants are using citrus to add freshness and vibrancy to their dishes. As the popularity of these citrus-infused creations grows, they are likely to remain on the menus throughout the winter season.

To experience these citrus delights, visit Rye at 1920 Greenville Ave., Dallas, or La Bodega Rotisserie and Goods at 208 W. Eighth St., Dallas.