Cher Expresses Displeasure Over Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Snub

Cher criticizes the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame for not inducting her despite her successful career.


Cher’s Frustration with the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame

During an appearance on "The Kelly Clarkson Show," Cher voiced her disappointment with the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame for never inducting her. As she discussed her recent chart success, Kelly Clarkson praised Cher for being the first woman and solo artist to have a No. 1 hit in each of the past seven decades. However, Cher pointed out that although she has achieved this milestone, she has yet to be recognized by the prestigious music museum. She expressed her frustration by stating that even if the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame offered her a million dollars, she would decline the induction. Cher even went as far as saying that the museum can "go you-know-what themselves." This is not the first time Cher has criticized the Hall of Fame for excluding her and her late musical collaborator Sonny Bono. In a 2010 Vanity Fair profile, she expressed her disappointment, highlighting their pioneering influence on music.

Cher Discusses Her Impact and Legacy

Cher emphasized the significance of her and Sonny Bono's contributions to music during their time. She stated that they were "weird hippies" before the term became popular, while the Beatles were still sporting conventional looks. Cher believes that they influenced a generation with their unique style and sound, and wonders what more the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame wants from them. Cher's frustration stems from the fact that she has achieved remarkable success and has made a lasting impact on the music industry, yet her exclusion from the Hall of Fame feels like a slight against her legacy.

Continued Criticism and Recognition

Cher's recent comments on "The Kelly Clarkson Show" echo her previous criticisms of the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. Despite being a highly influential and successful artist, she feels snubbed by the institution. Many fans and industry professionals have expressed their support for Cher's induction into the Hall of Fame, recognizing her immense talent and contributions to the music world. While the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame has its own selection process, Cher's ongoing frustration serves as a reminder that sometimes even the most accomplished artists can feel overlooked.