Charli XCX Releases First Song from Upcoming Album 'Brat'

Charli XCX has dropped her highly anticipated song 'Von Dutch' from her forthcoming album 'Brat'. The track, produced by Easyfun, showcases the British pop artist's love for dance music and is accompanied by a music video directed by Torso.


A Glimpse into 'Brat'

Charli XCX has officially announced her upcoming album 'Brat' and has released the first single 'Von Dutch'. This heavily-teased track has been shared by the artist on social media for the past few weeks.

At her recent Boiler Room set in Brooklyn, Charli XCX performed 'Von Dutch' along with a few other unreleased tracks from 'Brat'. The song is two minutes of chaotic club goodness, produced by Easyfun, a frequent collaborator with the pop artist since her 'Number 1 Angel' era.

An Exciting Music Video

Along with the release of 'Von Dutch', Charli XCX has also unveiled a music video directed by Torso. The video shows the pop star evading the paparazzi at Charles de Gaulle Airport in France and then climbing onto an airplane, hanging out on its wing.

The video perfectly complements the eclectic and high-intensity nature of the song, further showcasing Charli XCX's unique style and creativity.

Charli XCX's Love for Dance Music

Describing 'Brat' as a 'club record', Charli XCX expresses her passion for dance music. She states that she was 'born to make dance music' and that this album is the one she has always wanted to create.

With 'Von Dutch' as the first taste of what 'Brat' has to offer, it is evident that Charli XCX is embracing her roots and delivering an album that will cater to fans of dance and club music.