Central Massachusetts Hit by First Snowstorm of the Season

The first snowstorm of the season hit Central Massachusetts overnight, leaving behind significant snowfall and strong winds.


Snowfall Totals in Central Massachusetts

As of Sunday afternoon, the National Weather Service reported that Worcester received 15.5 inches of snow. Other towns in the region also received substantial amounts, with some areas reporting over a foot of accumulation.

Snowplow crews in Worcester and surrounding communities worked through the evening to clear the roads. The heavy, wet snow stuck to trees, increasing the risk of downed limbs and power outages. As of 5 p.m., about 18,900 customers in Massachusetts were without power, with 600 of them in Worcester County.

A parking ban remains in effect in Worcester and other communities, but parking in municipal garages, except for the Federal Plaza Garage, is free. Worcester schools, the Senior Center, and library branches will be closed on Monday.

Residents React to the Snowstorm

Local residents had mixed reactions to the early snowfall. Some were excited and happy for the winter weather, while others begrudgingly began the task of shoveling their driveways.

Tefta Gremaj, a resident of South Flagg Street in Worcester, commented that it was about time for the first snowstorm. Her family eagerly awaited the snowflakes, although her boys were hoping for a school delay on Monday.

One resident, Faiz Sobhani, a recent immigrant from India, was in awe of the snow. He described it as "pure bliss" and a beautiful sight he had never experienced before. Despite the shoveling task ahead, he appreciated the winter wonderland it created.

Weather Outlook and Potential Flooding

The snow is expected to taper off by Sunday evening, and midweek temperatures in the 50s are predicted, with rain in the forecast. The combination of rain and melting snow could lead to localized flooding in some areas.

The Diocese of Worcester advised parishioners to attend Mass on Saturday due to safety concerns and stated that there was no obligation to attend church on Sunday. The storm did not cause widespread power failures, but scattered outages were reported in Worcester County.