Cardi B Confirms Split from Offset and Addresses Cheating Rumors

Cardi B opens up about her recent split from Offset and responds to rumors of infidelity.


Cardi B Announces she is Single

Cardi B, the popular rapper, confirmed during an Instagram Live that she is currently single. She mentioned that she has been single for a while now and doesn't believe Offset, her now-estranged husband, cheated on her with another rapper.

The singer admitted that she had been hesitant to share the news because she didn't know how to announce it to the world. She expressed her desire to start fresh in 2024 and embrace a new beginning.

Last week, Cardi B and Offset unfollowed each other on Instagram, fueling speculation about their relationship. Cardi B also posted cryptic messages on her Instagram Story, indicating that she was prioritizing her own well-being.

Cardi B Reflects on The Future

During her Instagram Live, Cardi B expressed her excitement about the upcoming year and the possibilities it holds. She stated that she wants 2024 to be a year of personal growth and self-discovery.

Cardi B emphasized the need to prioritize herself and shed any negative influences from her life. She revealed that she is ready to let go of the past and focus on her own happiness.

The rapper's relationship with Offset has been tumultuous, with previous instances of separation and reconciliation. Despite their differences, they have two children together and have navigated through challenges in the past.

Cardi B and Offset's Relationship History

Cardi B and Offset got married in 2017 and share two children, daughter Kulture and son Wave. Offset also has children from previous relationships.

Their relationship has experienced ups and downs, including a temporary split in 2018 due to cheating rumors surrounding Offset. They later reconciled but faced struggles that led to Cardi B filing for divorce in 2020. However, the divorce proceedings were eventually called off.

The recent confirmation of their separation comes after a period of speculation and social media activity, indicating potential issues between the couple. Cardi B is now focused on moving forward and embracing a new chapter in her life.