Car Crashes into Secret Service Vehicle Near Biden’s Delaware Campaign Offices

President Biden was speaking to reporters outside when a driver hit a sport utility vehicle associated with the White House. The president was not injured.


Driver Crashes into Secret Service Vehicle While Biden Speaks to Reporters

President Biden was leaving his campaign headquarters in Wilmington, Del., when a sedan collided with a Secret Service vehicle protecting his motorcade. The incident occurred as Mr. Biden was discussing his polling numbers with reporters in downtown Wilmington. Thankfully, neither the president nor the first lady, Jill Biden, sustained any injuries.

The collision took place at around 8 p.m. at an intersection with access to the street Mr. Biden was visiting. A silver vehicle with Delaware license plates ran into a Secret Service sport utility vehicle that was blocking the intersection. According to the Secret Service, the crash was accidental as there was no protective interest associated with the event, indicating that the driver had no knowledge of Mr. Biden's presence.

Local authorities, including the Wilmington Police Department, responded to the scene to investigate the incident. So far, it has been confirmed that no one was injured in the collision. Investigators are also looking into whether impairment played a role in the crash. Meanwhile, videos from the incident show officials surrounding the car and instructing the driver to open the door before the driver eventually surrendered.

Security Measures Ensure President's Motorcade Proceeds Safely

Despite the unexpected incident, the president's motorcade was able to depart without further complications. Agents implemented appropriate security measures to protect Mr. Biden, ensuring the safety of his travel. Photographs of the scene capture the moment of surprise on Mr. Biden's face as he turned to observe the collision. Shortly after, agents guided him into his vehicle to continue his scheduled activities.

The Secret Service, whose primary responsibility is to safeguard the president and other high-level officials, confirmed that there was no intentional threat or security breach associated with the crash. Their prompt response and swift action ensured that the situation was contained and under control. The driver's surrender indicated compliance with the authorities.

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